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It is high time we took a critical look at the political scene in Canada. In order to do this, we need to go beyond the party lines. Political parties absolutely play a vital role in democratic societies, but they often colour our perspective on the issues. This blog seeks to see past the sharply contrasting political lines in this nation, with the goal of inspiring truly informed voters. This blog aspires to remain above board and transparent as it delves into the issues plaguing this nation. It will take a critical look at the issues from all sides and present the facts in a nonpartisan, easily accessible, way. Join us, as we navigate the spectrum, together.

Kristi and I think that there is a solution to voter apathy. The solution is, as I’ve previously alluded to, informed voters. Plenty of you have come to me personally for advice and help understanding politics over the years. I now want to bring this knowledge to a central, easily accessible platform. Refined, and removed from party ties, I offer this space as a place to learn, get inspired, and get involved with discussions. Stay tuned, and stay inspired.

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